We have enlisted the services of Savant Guidance on multiple complex HDD projects over the last couple of years. Their professionalism, promptness, and willingness to think out side the box have proven effective on all our projects. Their system is easy to install and very user friendly for our operators during pilot bores.

Some of our notable projects have included, but not limited to:

750′ – 16 inch steel highway interchange, where we had numerous utilities to cross and a very specific exit location between 2 overpass pillars in solid rock conditions. Savant guides us through this project with a successful pilot bore in 2.5 days.

1,250′ – 12 inch HDPE at a depth of 80′ under a river exiting at a future pump station location on a small peninsula. Due to the extremely soft and unstable ground conditions this bore could not have been completed using a high flow system or jetter assembly. Savant was our only option for low flow wireless guidance.

4 – 1,050′ bores paralleling each other under a highway interchange at shallower depths with unstable conditions. Again, our only option to successfully complete without adverse complications. This project was also designed with a compound radius for all 4 locations. Savant Guidance was able to keep all 4 locations within 5 feet of each other.

900′ – 8 inch HDPE gravity sewer project holding a 1.5 % downgrade in Glacial Til and Hard Pan soils. We did not need Savant for this project nor did we bid them into the job but chose to utilize their services on it. We were more than pleased with their pilot services! We held grade as required by the customer and successfully installed the product to spec.

Over time we have developed a great working relationship with Savant and continue to bid their services into our projects!

Savant has redefined the industry with this system! It is proven and effective! We now have the ability with our Ditch Witch All Terrain drills to pilot and track bores deeper than we have in the past with conventional walk over systems, utilizing our low flow advantages!

Jason Stephenson – Estimator
Advanced Boring Specialists, Inc
“Your Hole Is Our Goal”
Since 1989


Downing Diversified Directional Drilling has used Sean and his professional team at Savant Guidance Systems on multiple high profile HDD projects, including a recent channel crossing in Alameda California and a River crossing in Monterey California. Their exemplary knowledge and skill, both during pre-project preparation and in the field, are second to none. They have gone above and beyond in their willingness to meet both our demanding project deadlines and hectic schedule, showing professional customer service during every interaction both with our team and our customers.

Savant Guidance is a vendor that Downing Diversified will be using on many future projects, including an upcoming Slough crossing for the Clatskanie PUD & the Westport Water District in Oregon. If you are looking for a project experience that exceeds expectations, then Sean and his team at Savant Guidance Systems is the team for you!

James ‘Jimmy’ Downing
Downing Diversified, LLC


Project: Marquam Substation
Location: Downtown Portland OR
Installation: 1-10″ and 1-4″ HDPE per bore
Drill contractor: Advanced Boring Specialist Inc

“ABS and our customer were pleased with Savants steering capabilities! The project consisted of 4 bores 1,200′ each of 1-10″ and 1-4″ HDPE all paralleling each other within a 40′ window. Limited easements and rocky soils created for substantial HDD challenges. The Savant Guidance System allowed for on track accurate steering and enable us to utilize our low flow inner rod mechanical motors to complete each bore across multiple lanes of the I-5 freeway. The project was a success and completed on time!”