Quality Over Quantity

We Do It Right The First Time

Savant Guidance focuses on unparalleled levels of accuracy on every job, which helps with following even the strictest of restrictions on a particular job.



savant technology continues to improve

We’ve spent years refining our technology to be compatible with all shapes and sizes of drill rigs, and have focused on trying to make our tool accurate, fast, and easy to setup.

Tool setup doesn’t take more than a couple of hours, with no additional setup time beyond the first day.  Thanks to our patented wireless communication, you won’t have to worry about having someone following the bore with a walkover or splicing wires for new pipes.


We work anywhere

through the worst and the best

We’ve worked in many locations across the entire United States, from California to Virginia and from northern Illinois to southern Texas.  We aren’t afraid of the heat or the cold and our technology is unaffected by temperature conditions.   If you can drill, we can steer it.