Below is a table of our current pricing and rates.  If you have any questions regarding pricing, feel free to reach out to us on the Contact Us page.  If you’d rather just have a full copy of our rental agreement to fill out, click here.


 Custom Service (5 Days and 50 hour operating minimum; includes operator) 


  • Deposit to mobilize 


  • Usage & Setup Rate per day (up to 10 hrs. w/operator; including travel to/from hotel) 


  • Overtime (Over 10hrs. including travel to/from hotel) 


  • Technology & Support Fee (in addition to Usage Rate above) 

$45/hour operating 

  • Standby rate per day, not operating (weekends, breakdowns, stoppage) 


  • Invoiced; pay 30 days from invoice date; substantial Late Fee 

Per Rental Agreement 

  • Travel (Max Travel Day 10hrs. per DOT regs) 

$1,500/day, 2-ways 

  • Per Diem 

$325/night, as used 

  • Batteries, as used 

At cost 

  • Down-hole insurance and specialized tooling by Lessee (send section 19 to your insurance agent) 

Paid by Lessee 

  • Gap Sub charge per bore 


  • Miscellaneous small parts and supplies (applies only to operational days) 

$85 per day