The Savant system can be used with large drill rigs that typically utilize conventional wireline guidance systems and also smaller machines, including those with dual-rod mechanical drilling drives, something conventional wireline equipment can’t do.

The Savant system allows HDD operators to wirelessly obtain all of the same HDD drill head locational data with the same or a greater degree of accuracy as can be provided by traditional wire based guidance systems and at substantial labor and other cost savings.

The Savant system uses a drill string and the earth’s ground to connect the downhole sonde and the earth.

We start with a site survey, the same as with a wireline shot, then Savant customized software from Trimble feeds the data to our profiling software. We are capable of using standard and high definition sensors as used with wired systems.

We couple that with our battery-powered transmitter that can power the system for two weeks on a standard alkaline battery or four weeks using a lithium ion battery. Because of the small size of the sonde, we can deploy the system on a small rig or in a double rod drill. The up-hole software can be run on a tablet or PC from the cab of the drill. The software is intuitive enough that the driller can perform both the steering and the drilling duties.