Setting The New Standard in HDD Steering

Savant Technology LLC, a limited liability corporation based in Oregon owns all of the rights, title and interests, including patent rights, rights in patent applications, software and intellectual property rights.

Development of the Savant system began in 2012, and since early 2012 it has been used on numerous HDD projects ranging from 240 to 2,400 feet in length and depths from 20 to 190 feet.

The projects have involved a wide variety of ground conditions from soil and mud to rock, and met many directional challenges, including elevation changes both up and down and the need to go around obstacles. Both conventional single rod and double rod drill rigs have been used. In about half of the projects, a surface coil system was used to check the accuracy of the wireless data. In several projects, meaningful magnetic interference was encountered with each of these projects. The Savant Guidance Technology provided extremely accurate survey data and enabled Savant to guide the drill to the desired endpoint with greater accuracy than could have been accomplished using the wire cable guidance approach.