Welcome to the Savant Underground Guidance System

Avoid the overhead of traditional wireline guidance, go wireless

Savant Guidance uses it’s own "in-house steering system” as an upgrade to the more traditional wired system technology. The steering system operates in a wireless form, which eliminates all wire line costs. It not only eliminates maintenance costs, but also eliminates lost time due to splicing costs and failed wire line repair trip outs. Additional savings result from the increased drilling efficiency that is provided with accurate and easily assimilated graphical presentations of drilling progress relative to the planned trajectory. The Savant steering system may be operated by a steer hand and or the driller from the drilling console. The Savant steering system is wireless through-the-earth telemetry, which eliminates the need for expensive and troublesome wire lines.

In combination with Savant trained staff and the Savant steering system this will eliminate all wireline costs, splicing costs and failed wireline connections. The Savant steering system will speed the project timeline and will produce a higher quality product compared to the more traditional wired system.

Made by a Driller for Drillers.

  • Wireless technology, no wire in the pipe and no wire connection time slow down and no wire cost.
  • Less labor, less crew members needed to deploy the system.
  • No loss time for wire breakage, and the cost of replacing the wire.
  • Higher accuracy with our near bit deployment.
  • Will work on any rig from 15 tons up. Even double rod drills like the Ditch Witch AT100.
  • Higher accuracy DC surface coil compared to AC coils.
  • Smaller surface wire with our new high definition tools.
  • Surface wire can be a square grid over the bore, a single wire down the bore with a offset return, or a micro coil.
  • Accurate and professional As-Built and Documentation of the Bore.